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Breakthrough Women

Part III of a three-part series

This is the third part of the Breakthrough Women series. These are lessons I have learned over the years as a wife and mother. The final section describes the type of women who breakthrough. They are Designer women.

There are many designers but only one Master Designer. A designer creates from a vision. In attempt to copy the vision, a knock-off is created to imitate the real. Instead of being designer women, many of us in the house of faith are knock-offs. A knock-off is a copy or imitation of something or someone popular that sells for less than the original.

We have knock off women – rude, lazy, not-healthy, out of shape spiritually and naturally, self-centered and not God centered, ignorant (not well read), busy with things that don’t make a difference to the kingdom of God, caught up with some vice/issue, they are fakers. 

God is looking for some designer women – women who are full of the spirit, Godly, keepers of their homes, lovers of one husband, if single – living with integrity in their sexual lives, raising children (theirs and others) in the fear of God, teaching other women how to act by example and not just word only.

Fashion designers create with a target audience in mind. God, the master designer creates with us in mind. We were designed to be full of vision, peaceful, joyful and wise. The Master Designer has as specific outfit for a Godly woman that includes a gentle spirit, not loud and void of bad attitudes. Knock-off women choose nasty and bad attitudes.

God, the Master Designer is putting together an outfit for you that is a tailor-made garment. Have you ever had a tailor-made suit? I’m not talking about a suit you bought that didn’t fit so you had it altered. I’m talking about you had vision for an outfit so you spoke to a designer who took your ideas and created something from a thought. A pattern may or may not have been used, fabric was selected and all the necessary zippers, buttons, lining, interfacing and thread – every resource needed to make this outfit was gathered.

When you receive a vision for something it’s because you have been speaking to the Master designer in prayer. He took your words and created things for you from stuff that doesn’t exist yet!  It is a vision that is yet to be manifested.  When we put an outfit together, we imagine what we will look like and begin to put the individual pieces together – the top, bottom, accessories, hair, shoes, nails, etc.  Each piece is selected and designed to compliment the entire outfit, the final look we are after. 

God designs and selects pieces of our life to create a divine design for us that is unique and reflective of who we were, who we are, and what we shall be. He is the builder that has taken everything into account because he alone sees the beginning and the end and everything in between as the Alpha and Omega!

People buy designer because they want the item to last versus buying a bunch of knock-offs that won’t last. A friend bought a designer bag from a beauty salon sales person. Shortly after she bought it the zipper broke so she took it to the designer store. This particular designer guarantees their bags and they will give you a new bag or your money back.  The sales person told her she couldn’t do anything because the bag “was not one of their products”.  She had purchased a knock-off and didn’t know it! That was the beginning and end of her knock-off days. She decided to save her money and buy from the original designer.

Why do people buy knock-offs? The number one answer from my personal survey is PRICE! Most people do not want to pay the price for the original. It costs too much! The value they have placed on it is not equal to something they want to pay for it. Often we apply the same principle in the spiritual and choose things a little bit less expensive and try to get the same designer spiritual look. For example the pastor calls for a fast so we modify it so the price isn’t so painful with out a legitimate reason (some may have medical reasons). The master designer asks the question, is this not the fast I have chosen? (Isaiah 58:6-7) Instead of paying the price so that the Lord can build our houses, cities and families we are building knock-offs and wondering why things are not lasting!

A knock-off designer needs a picture of the original item before they can create a copy of it. When we are tempted to cut corners and settle for less, we need to remember that we are called to be designer women. We must see God as the master designer and everything else is the knock-off. Breakthrough Women are willing to pay the price and invite others to do the same. Do you know any breakthrough women? If so reach out and thank them for setting the example, your words will bless them richly!

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